Planting the Seeds


I have been doing a lot of research these past few weeks on different holiday events for churches. One of the questions I always ask my clients is why they want to host an event. The resounding answer is always that they need more engagement in the church or they need the church to be more engaged in the community. Either way, the goal is to get people more involved.

It seems as though congregation involvement always falls on the shoulders of the pastor and not on the congregation. Not to add anything extra to the pastors’ plates, but it has somehow become your responsibility to make your congregation on fire for God’s word.

So, let me give a little tip about what I’ve learned. The greatest form of leadership is relationship. Let me explain. In order to be an influential leader, you must create a trusting relationship with the members of your congregation. I heard a pastor say one time that blindly following something is the difference between religion and relationship. We believe God’s promises because we have a trusting relationship with Him. As an earthly shepherd to God’s flock, do you have the same trusting relationship with His people?

Here comes the big question: how do you create a relationship with each member of your congregation? You are just one person and your plate is already stacked to the ceiling.

The answer is refreshingly simple: host a community event. Hosting an event that gets your congregation involved in celebrating God’s love and giving back to the community is the perfect way to step down from your pulpit and lead God’s word through example.

We know that leading through example is the most effective form of leadership. When Jesus walked the earth, He didn’t just talk about helping the poor and sick, He physically healed them. He didn’t just explain that you should love your neighbors, He ate in the houses of the sinners and tax collectors. He lived out God’s word daily.

Hosting a community event is an opportunity for your congregation to live out God’s instructions and to show God’s love through example to the rest of the community. Need help creating an event? I’m just a quick call away. Set up your free consultation so we can start planting the seeds of God’s love in your community.

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