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We would love to send you up to $350 for each of your contacts that sign up with us for a Branding & Marketing Package!

Do you have colleagues or associates that are looking to reach high-value clients? If you know someone that is looking to do any of the following:

  • Reach their ideal client
  • Increase their revenue
  • Increase their business’ online presence
  • Looking for someone to help them solve complex branding and business strategy problems

Please send them our way! By joining with meMarketing they will have the opportunity to transition with ease from the corporate rat race to entrepreneurial freedom, achieve the profit they deserve, and attract the right clientele they desire to serve and grow their company.

We pay referral fees of up to $350 for every signed and paid contract!

The Game Plan:

1) Send an email to introduce us ( to your contact. (Don’t worry, we will send you a template!) 

2) We will invite your contact to a call to get to know each other.

3) When they sign up and pay for a Package with us, YOU get paid! (Payouts below.)

It’s Easy!

To get started, we will send you a branded meMarketing Referral Package to share with your connections. It includes:

  • A copy-and-paste email template you can use to introduce your contacts to our services
  • A custom PDF you can add to your client-onboarding presentations or slide decks
  • Our referral-specific landing page for your connections to learn more about what we offer

      Fee Structure:

      meMarketing agrees to pay referral bonuses listed below within 30 days of fully completed payment by your contact. Note: Our clients can choose to pay in full or in installments; we pay referral fees within 30 days from the completion of payment regardless of when your connection signs up.

      Platinum Plan — You get $350

      Gold Plan — You get $250!

      Silver Plan — You get $150!

          There’s More For You!

          We love to give back to those who give to us! After you send us 10 successful meMarketing referrals, we will do a custom 3 Month Branding & Marketing package for you for FREE as a gesture of our appreciation. That is a $5,000 value!

          Would you like to start introducing us to your network? Let us know by sending us a message with the subject line “meMarketing Referral Partner” to

              We look forward to sending you these great incentives and becoming longtime partners!

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