Nicole grew up watching her mother overcome challenges as a businesswoman, which inspired her to start her journey as an entrepreneur. When her mother suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with paralysis, she took the family’s responsibility upon herself. To provide for her family, she started working and became the caretaker for her mother and her siblings.
Nicole Phillip - Personal Brand Strategist
Unlike others who are happy with their day jobs, she took the plunge and started a small business while pursuing her corporate career. Eventually, she realized that she could be successful as a full-fledged entrepreneur. So, she decided to quit her corporate career and focus solely on her agency Ministry Event Marketing that became a six-figure agency within a short period of five years.
Guided by her faith, she overcame adversity and transformed into a brand marketing strategist who is now helping other women unlock their complete potential and succeed in their business endeavors. One of the biggest reasons behind Nicole’s success is her familiarity with women entrepreneurs’ challenges. Therefore, she is able to work as a personal brand strategist and guide budding entrepreneurs to achieve financial success.
Presently, Nicole Philip is the CEO of Ministry Event Marketing, who is inspiring entrepreneurs to develop luxury brands. She is also the founder of ‘Behind the Brand‘ and the catalyst behind the success of many entrepreneurs. Nicole Philip’s expertise lies in enabling financial growth for her clients by scaling their business to the next level while ensuring their mental and physical wellness.